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What’s the Buzz #6: “This Will Be Just Like The Movies”

Happy snow day from the East Coast! We were supposed to get 12 to 18 inches of snow but I think it was more like 8. Either way, I got a day & a half off of work and got a ton of adult things check off my master To Do List! Here are a few other things going on in my little part of the universe:

Last month I finally was able to purchase a Kate Spade planner! It’s been on my wishlist for years and I finally found a planner whose style, color, and size were aligned to what I wanted. During a 25% off sale, I scored the Cameron Street Agenda for less than $100.00! 14K gold and leather binder- what heaven for stationery nerds! This planner is still on sale to purchase HERE for $139.00

Here is my set up. I love all the pockets to decorate & hold stickers.

I’m constantly watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts on how people organize their planners. I’m thinking of creating custom tabs for mine as well as throw in a notebook section. So far I’ve decided that buying printable stickers off of Etsy is way cheaper than paying for shipping for them- such as my lovely Beauty and the Beast layout I posted on Instagram:


I’ve been watching YouTube videos more right now than I ever have in my life. I’m trying to not binge watch any shows (it’s not going so well). As a result I watch hours of those planner setups and surprisingly- Jenna Marbles! I have always known who she was but I was never into vloggers. But last weekend while fighting the stomach bug, I came across a video of doing her own acrylic nails. I couldn’t stop laughing and I’ve been watching her videos non stop since.

I appreciate how Jenna has not lost her amateur, realistic style despite how famous she is now six years later. Sometimes she doesn’t wear makeup and she isn’t afraid to be unattractive or obnoxious. Plus her boyfriend Julien and all their dogs make me so happy.


As I mentioned last summer- my brother JonErik met his dream girl off of Instagram and moved out to California to be with her. Now they are engaged!!! I can’t believe how grown up my little brother is and I’m so excited for him and Rachel. My cousin Kim met her longterm boyfriend, Dylan, off of Twitter, I met Steve off of Tinder nearly three years ago, and now this! Cheers to the internet for helping us weirdos find true love!


Right now I’m reading “She Made Me Laugh: My Friend Nora Ephron” by Richard Cohen. Cohen writes about his friendship with the late great Ephron, who you all should know is an idol of mine. I like his approach to this book because even though he was her best friend, he realizes that he didn’t know everything there was to know about her. This book is his journey of talking to people about this incredible woman and how she inspired everyone around her.

If you have any book recommendations or planner inspiration links, please tweet them my way!

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