Only Work Where You Are Valued

We live in a world where social media can ruin your entire life. One event happens, a version of that event is told online, and suddenly the world believes that side of the story. I have always tried to keep my professional, work life separate from online. Sure I’ll talk about what I do to pay the bills, but I have made a conscious effort to not complain about bosses/patients/coworkers/etc online because it reflects badly on myself to future employers. It’s also pointless.

However, I’m thankfully getting too old to keep quiet about bullshit anymore. Since the age of 21 I’ve had a few (several) “not great bosses”. One would call from his office to the reception desk yelling verbatim “What the fuck are you girls doing up there? Somebody fucking check the toilet or anything!”Another boss would say things to her employees like “You are pretty for a Filipino.” (Btw – I’m half Filipino). A recent boss told me to hire only “pretty, cute, young hot girls for the summer. You know, what my friends like.”

I am turning 28 this year and I have worked everywhere. I have a BA in Creative Writing and I have always taken jobs that would pay the bills while I write. Jobs that would give me fulfillment and that I would enjoy going to every day.

Work to live, not live to work.

Hence, when working in animal hospitals after many years left me depressed because putting down family pets every day sucks the soul out of you, or working for a boss who talks down to you because “That’s how we talk to secretaries where I come from” – I don’t stay. It’s not my career, I don’t need to stay where I am not valued.

I’ve also never have been unemployed. I always have another job lined up before I leave one.

But last week, something magical happened. Since July 2017 I have been the general manger of a bar/cafe. I have never worked in the food industry before but when I moved to Asbury and inquired about picking up shifts, the manager was leaving and I was offered her job. I explained that I had no prior experience at all, but the owner didn’t care.

I worked my goddamn ass off. I pulled 50 to 60 hour work weeks. I learned everything about liquor, beer, and whiskey I could even though I don’t drink. I learned how to make everything they make at Starbucks. I learned how to order, to do all the shopping for the cafe, how to pay the bills, and get the best deal from distributors. I ran an entire cafe for the 7 months damn well, with no positive feedback from the boss. My crew genuinely loved me and supported me and I took care of them in return with every fiber of my being. I gained a solid reputation in town.

So good, that the other week when my boss made up lies and drunkenly bashed me in a bar to my peers – an owner of a business across the street of the cafe offered me the manager position at her place, without an interview. Because my reputation proceeded me and because she could not stand how a middle aged white man was being so fucking degrading to his employee.

So my late night bartending, espresso covered days are over. I learned SO MUCH and made the greatest friendships that I get to continue outside of a working environment. But now I get to run the kick ass Rebel Supply Co. in Asbury Park, NJ. Check us out on Instagram and in you’re ever in the area, stop by and say hi. It’s home of weirdos, kick ass, equality loving, dance party girl gang you ever did see.

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