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I am an oddly charming 26 year old writer living in Asbury Park, New Jersey, formerly of New York City. This blog is made up of the whimsical and ridiculous stream of conscious thoughts of this bookish girl.


Topics include reflections on relationships, what I’m currently reading or watching, and practically everything else under the sun.

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After living in Manhattan for a couple of years working as a movie journalist, I happily live in Asbury Park, NJ with my boyfriend, Steve. Steve and I met on Tinder nearly 3 years ago and it was love at first swipe. ❤️  I’ve done lots of crazy things in the recent years including be on a comic book reality show, broke my leg while skating after joining a roller derby team, and finally get my driver’s license at age 24 to drive my manual transmission Mini Cooper.


On this blog I have worked with numerous companies in the past including a campaign with Star Wars & Pringles!

A Little Bit of History
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It all started with a single Retweet. Bryan Lee O’Malley, writer of the Scott Pilgrim comic books, retweeted my cosplay picture of his character Ramona Flowers in Spring of 2010. From there I gained hundreds of followers seemingly overnight. I wore the same costume to the Scott Pilgrim Vol 6 release party at Midtown Comics in Times Square, after which I was offered a job to work as their TV host and run their monthly book club. From that fateful summer on, doors opened up for me in the geek community where  I had a lead role in National Geographic’s television special ‘Comic Store Heroes’ and was the original girl on Kevin Smith’s show ‘Comic Book Men’ where Smith described me as “Charming, bubbly…perfect!” #humblebrag

I have cosplayed as a bunch of different characters since then, namely as Peggy Carter. Chris Evans himself said my Peggy was “perfect” when I met him at NYCC 2011. Other costumes include Mary Jane Watson, Black Canary, and more.

I worked for three years at Gotham News where I had the opportunity to interview talent such as Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Ryan Gosling, Robert Redford, Liam Neeson, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Scarlett Johansson and many more. Robert Downey Jr. winked at me once.

Other jobs I have had in the past include: working at the New York Public Library on 5th avenue (think Ghostbusters), Barnes & Noble, MoviePass, as a tutor for a girl who lived in the same building as Kevin Bacon & Daniel Day-Lewis, at a yoga company, at a chess academy, and at a cat hospital.

I grew up in Central New Jersey and was founder/president of my high school’s Lord of the Rings club. I graduated from Rutgers University, majoring in Creative Writing. After college I moved to Manhattan, New York City where I lived on the Upper West Side for a few years until I fell and severely hurt my arm. As a result of the fall, I have the nerve disorder Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), which caused me to move back to New Jersey, thank goodness

Zoë Elsewhere on the Internet

Still curious abut me?


Well, here are a bunch of links to articles I’ve written, interviews I’ve done, and links to podcasts  I’ve been a guest on!

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