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I have a couple of tattoos, but I do want many more.

In February of 2013 my best friend Angela and I decided to get matching Lord of the Rings tattoos. We had talked about it for many years and one night we were talking about it on twitter when our followers said they’d PAY for us to get them. We weren’t ones to turn down free tattoos, so with our generous donations in hand, we went to Red Rocket in New York City to get them.

They say ‘Shire’ in the Elvish language, Quenya. We are hardcore LOTR fans, so we hired the official translator behind Quenya101 to translate ‘Shire’ for us. Angela and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what word best represents our undying love for LOTR and what we ultimately realized was that the Shire was everything: it was our favorite part of Middle-earth, it’s where the story starts and ends, and it’s what Frodo & Sam fought for their entire journey.

Shire in Quenya is translated to ‘Periandenor”, which literally means ‘Hobbitland’ and it looks like this in the different Middle-earth fonts:

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 9.09.10 PM


I decided to get mine in the upper right hand corner font because when the cast of the Fellowship got their LOTR tattoos, that’s the one they chose. Angela got hers in the upper left corner font because it’s the one on the One Ring.



Paperman Airplane


On that same day of my LOTR tatttoo, I also got a tattoo of the paper airplane from the Disney short film ‘Paperman’. Then I retouched the tattoo in June of 214, shown on the right with the added lines and shading. Even if I get a hundred tattoos, this one will always be my favorite. When I first started seeing concept art for the film in early 2012, I knew this was going to be a short film I would fall in love with: two characters who meet on a subway platform, and then the guy tries to get her attention from two skyscrapers on Broadway only for him to lose her on the street. But then the planes bring them back together, proving that if two people are meant to be together, life will do everything possible to make sure they do.

This short film was also the inspiration for the paper airplane theme for this blog. I just feel it completely represents everything important to me.




Big Dipper


I have always loved constellations. When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut until I realized I was too claustrophobic for that nonsense. So now I’m content with my telescope. Growing up I could see the Big Dipper from my backyard and I had this childish notion that no matter how far away from home I was-if I could see the Big Dipper I was going to be okay.

Since I’ve gotten the tattoo I’ve been able to see the Big Dipper at many wonderful life events including above the Foo Fighters concert and above the cottage Steve and I stayed at in Virginia.


Waning Moon

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.00.29 AMOn a whim, I decided to get this waning moon as it represents new beginnings, happiness, luck, and love. I was having a really bad week dealing with my CRPS and hating how my body was attacking myself so I decided to get something I really wanted to remind myself that my body isn’t broken.



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