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After a Brief Interlude

It’s been 144 days since I’ve written a blog post. So what have I been up to since June? Let’s see:

  • After 6 weeks on crutches, my broken leg healed. But along with my leg mending, I made the hard decision to quit roller derby. If you followed me on Twitter you know how difficult it was for me to stop. I loved that sport and the people so incredibly much and I loved the amount of self confidence it gave me to kick ass physically. But I ultimately realized that skating wasn’t worth breaking my leg again. I was miserable being on crutches. I was depressed, unmotivated, claustrophobic, and all around intolerable to be around. I value driving and my freedom more than anything else, so the skates were sold to a sweet junior derby skater and I bid adieu to the Central Jersey Roller Vixens.
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  • Steve bought a motorcycle over the summer! He already has a Ducati Monster (the same as Rei from the manga “Mars” by Fuyumi Soryo. A fact my 13 year old self would be SO proud of), but he bought a Triumph Bonneville, a bike that fits two people instead of one. Which means I was finally able to go out on rides with him. It was scary and wonderful and now I finally understand why people fall in love with riding. My parents were not happy with this. My dad collects classic muscle cars and my family has a great deal of appreciation for cars in general (like how I’m obsessed with my Mini Cooper) but motorcycle are not allowed whatsoever in my house. My parents always made it abundantly clear that none of their children were ever allowed on a bike. When Steve and I started dating, my dad even told me that if I get on his bike I have to find a new place to live. *eye roll*

  • Which brings me to the next point! Steve and I have started house shopping! We spend so much of our free time down in Asbury Park, NJ that it only made sense that that’s where we’d be most happiest living. We’ve been at the search about three weeks now and though no luck so far, touring all these homes is a lot of fun. We even looked at a house that I swear on my life was 100% genuinely and truly haunted. It was a gorgeous Victorian home in Ocean Grove (the quaint little town just south of Asbury) built in 1880. Here is the listing for the home hereAs you can see in the photos, the home is stunning. But once you walked inside…a heavy weight just laid on your chest. Steve, his mom, our relator, and myself all separately admitted to feeling uneasy. Baby dolls sat on rocking chairs, porcelain dolls sat on bookshelves with their heads turned to face the wall, old Stephen King novels lay scattered in dusty corners, I found an ancient painting of a clown in the attic…the list just goes on and on. Steve’s mom just kept saying that she could tell it was haunted and eventually she just left the house without waiting for us and stood outside. I love reading about the paranormal but I don’t think I could live in a house where something bad obviously went down. And so, the search continues. 
The haunted house at 147 Broadway, Ocean Grove New Jersey

The haunted house at 147 Broadway, Ocean Grove New Jersey

  • Health stuff is going okay! Earlier this year in I finally consulted my primary physician about the neck pain I’ve been feeling for years. He referred me to a neurologist who recommended physical therapy. I thought that was bullshit so I went back to my physician who also said he thought I should go to physical therapy. So I went three times a week for over a month and it did nothing. I then saw an acupuncturist who immediately told me my neck pain and chronic migraines were from clenching my jaw all day due to stress. Well doesn’t that make fucking obvious sense. I’ve tried relaxing, going to get deep tissues massages, a CAT scan, MRI, you name it. Finally a new pain management doctor recommended trigger point injections (TPI) and if those don’t work, to try Botox. I had my first TPI in my shoulders this past Monday and fingers crossed that it works. The theory behind TPIs is that an injection of corticosteroid deep in the knots of the muscles help break up those strained muscle fibers to promote relaxation and healing. If those don’t work, then Botox injections in the back of the neck, top of my head, and forehead will help relax those muscles to prevent headaches. Alas, if only I could learn to CALM THE FUCK DOWN I wouldn’t have all these issues. Oh well.
  • Over the summer I binge read the Outlander books 3, 4, and 5 in a three week period. That’s a 1,000+ page book a week in a very short amount of time, hahaha. Since then I’ve read a ton of other books including “Paris For One and Other Stories” by Jojo Moyes and “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen.
  • Back in April my brother started talking to a girl in California he met on Instagram. He posted a picture of his ’67 Barracuda and Rachel’s dad had recently bought a similar model. They both hashtagged their photos #Barracuda, she started liking his pictures, he went to her profile, and it was love at first sight. Rachel is JonErik’s dream girl: long blonde hair, natural beauty, obsessed with cars/70s music/Star Wars. My 23 year old brother, with whom my sister and I are incredibly close with, packed up his car and moved across the country to live with her on July 1st. Nobody can ever say a Gulliksen does anything boring.


  • My sister started her freshman year at West Chester University in September on a field hockey scholarship and has since won “ECAC DII Rookie of the Week Honors” twice and  the “PSAC Freshman of the Year” which is ridiculous. My sister gets good grades, is super hot, and an all-star athlete. Again, Gulliksens never do anything boring.
  • Steve and I saw our favorite local band, Deal Casino, at least 15 times this year! We saw them perform almost every Sunday night from June to September and it was our favorite thing to do. <3


    Deal Casino at the APYC 9/11/16

  • Otherwise, everything is going well with me. I have two new coworkers as of September and I adore the ever living hell out of them. Work is 1,000% better when you get to spend it with your favorite friends.
  • unnamed

    Steve and I in his car, driving down to Asbury 9/11/16


How are you! What have I missed out on in the last 144 days??

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