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6 Year Twitter Anniversary Giveaway! (Updated)

Since March 2009 I have been tweeting incessantly about everything from comic books to dating to my misadventures to live tweeting the Oscars (drunkenly) or getting stuck in celebrities’s basements. March 8th marks 6 years with the blue bird and to show my appreciation for sticking around with this nerdy college student turned New York journalist turned Mini Coop driving (fake) adult, I’m doing a big giveaway!!!

The wonderful Thom Zahlertalented artist and mastermind behind the ever popular Love & Capes comic, has partnered up with me to give away this STUNNING piece he did of Kitty Pryde and Colossus from The X-Men!!! Below is a scan of the original 9×12 hand drawn image (minus the watermark), which will be mailed out via USPS to the lucky winner! (unfortunately only USA participants only)



If you are a fan of Thom’s (which I assume you are because who DOESN’T love his work?!) you can also use the promo code “BOOKISH” when emailing him to purchase his other finished work or your own commission, which you can read more about here.  His commissions are usually $30 for a black and white per character and $60 per character in color. Using this special code gets you $5 off!!

Thom does everything from comic book characters to My Little Pony to Doctor Who to Star Wars and more! He did the most incredible piece of Princess Leia for my best friend Mara (view here) and I fell so hard in love with it that I had to buy one for myself too.

However, my personal favorites are his Disney/Marvel mashups such as Meeko and Rocket!

More can be found over at his Tumblr.

In the widget below you can enter to win Kitty and Colossus many different ways. The contest ends this Sunday, March 8th at midnight so tweet, follow, and like to your heart’s content and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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Update: 3/9/15: The official randomized winner is Marcus! Thanks for entering everyone!B_qKuw-UsAALgBm


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