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So what is the price of social media?

Twitter played a huge part in my life becoming what it is today: my Ramona Flowers cosplay was retweeted by creator Bryan Lee O’Malley and there I gained hundreds of followers, then Twitter got me a job at Midtown Comics in Times Square (where I was then on a tv special on National Geographic). I’ve made 95% of my best friends off of Twitter and it’s where I get my daily information.

But sometimes social media isn’t very fun. I once received an email on my birthday full of countless photos of dead otters as a cruel joke. I’ve been called fat, worthless, and a slut all through various platforms online. I’ve received hate mail and claims that I was a fake. On the flip side, I’ve also received incredible gifts from users online ranging from toys and comics to a brand new Macbook computer and my rent paid for.

In the last couple of years I’ve retracted a lot from the Internet. I no longer host meet ups in Central Park for all my Twitter friends. I don’t actively look for friends online because I’m very satisfied with the ones I have. I stopped cosplaying because I was tired of getting comments saying how horrible I looked dressed up.

Right now my online presence includes a public Twitter account, a private Instagram account, and a Tumblr. I completely suggest a private Instagram account because I can post things and I know exactly who is looking at them, instead of stalkers who look without wanting to follow me. I haven’t had any problems with Twitter in a long time.

However, it looks like my relationship with Tumblr is going on a indefinite hiatus. Tumblr always was the most hostile one for me, even when the anonymous comments were turned off. It’s very easy to hide behind a Tumblr page and harass someone with messages. Recently I’ve kept anon turned on, because friends from Twitter would message me questions, always leaving their name along with it.

But then I was left this message:


And you know what? Fuck this.

I don’t need this weird shit in my life. I could sit here all day and rant about how severely fucked up and bored and alone someone would have to be to send stuff like this, but it’s a waste of energy. I was going to delete my Tumblr account but then I quickly realized somebody could steal my URL and pretend to be me. And there’s no way to delete all your posts. However, there is apparently a new option to turn off all messages- anonymous and public.

So I’ll just do that and delete Tumblr off my phone for a while. I’ve been detoxing my life, throwing out everything that reminds me anything negative, so goodbye Tumblr. I guess we can’t have nice things.


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