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What’s The Buzz #5: “Sometimes we win; sometimes we lose. The main thing is that we always, we always go on.”

These posts used to be called “Coffee & GChat”, a weekly(ish) post on how I’m spending my time. That has now turned into “What’s the Buzz” posts! You can read the last one here. Mostly I ramble about the things I’m obsessed with lately.


For the past two weeks I’ve given myself a task of not buying anything for two weeks. I realized that because being unableimg_1870.jpg to drive (or do fucking anything) has put me into suck a funk that I’ve being consoling myself with buying things. None of them have been extreme purchases or a crazy abundance of them- that’s against my personality- but I’ve been pity shopping and I need to stop. I seem to be relentlessly unhappy at the end of the day out of pure exhaustion, but I can tend to my emotional wounds by other things than shopping. (However, I have wanted the Beauty and the Beast & Outlander adult coloring books all week and I might cave at some point). The only thing I’ve bought was a new FitBit with my Mercari credit (loophole) because I broke my last one and I’m desperate to be active again. I’ve done really well so far, but I have spent way more than I should on going out to eat or having food delivered to work. It’s hard for me to prepare food in the mornings before work due to extreme lack of motivation from being on crutches, so I hope to improve on that in the upcoming weeks.


Last Sunday Steve was really excited about ESPN’s O.J. Simpson: Made In America documentary first episode and I immediately became addicted. After the second episode on Tuesday, all 5 episodes became available to watch on demand and I quickly binged all of them. The series was in production before the FX’s “The People vs O.J. Simpson” and even made the film festival circuit. Featuring never before seen crime photos and 10 hours in length, it’s rich in detail. I was very little during the infamous trial (I was born in 1990) so I had very little prior knowledge about the what happened before I watched this series. Honestly, all I did know was that he was someone famous who got away will murdering his wife. I had no idea what a celebrity Simpson was (due to his football and subsequently acting careers) or how baffling it was that he was not convicted of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson despite the overwhelming supporting evidence. If you love good television and murder cases, 100% check this out.

Also! I binge watched “Orange is the New Black” in exactly 24 hours. Steve was working from home last Saturday so I didn’t feel guilty spending my entire day watching the show while I kept him company. I don’t think the show is as dramatic as previous seasons or as rich in character backstory, but the quality of the acting and the writing is still above par. The ending just goddamn broke my heart too! No spoilers, because it hasn’t been out for an entire week yet. But if you’re a fan of the show, get on it, you’ll soon realize how much you’ve missed these characters. <3


I’m currently devouring “The White Princess” by Philippa Gregory. In a recent post I wrote about how I loved “The White1385999_Enlarged_1[1] Queen” miniseries on Netflix based off of the books by Gregory and this book chronologically follows it. About ten years ago in high school I read a lot of Gregory’s books, mainly the ones involving Anne Boleyn. Historical fiction is easily my favorite genre and I absolutely adore long winded books with sweeping tales of politics, sex, families plotting against each other, and gallantry. At an epic 576 pages, this book lasted me almost an entire week! But now I can’t quite figure out which genre I want to delve into next. There’s a sequel to “The White Princess” that’s available but I’m thinking I might be more in a New Adult pick next.  If you have any book recommendations, please send them my way! The only genres I really won’t be interested in reading are YA or science fiction. Historical & romantic fiction are a plus!


Since breaking my leg a month ago, I’m still contained to zero weight bearing and crutches for another two weeks at least (shoot me now). I’m slowly losing my sanity and am always looking for new things to do besides watch television shows and read. (Maybe I should get those coloring books). I mentioned on Twitter the other day that the only podcast I consistently listen to is Carolina Roller Girls’s Elecktra-Q-Tion’s “Q’s Tips”. I love her podcast because she’s informative about all things derby, has a diverse selection of guests, and is overall badass. I did listen to “Serial” but I still haven’t found other podcasts that are updated weekly that fit my interests. Even though I love reading articles about movies and books but I honestly hate listening to people talk about them.


This is the back of my favorite deck, Celestial Tarot. It’s all constellation themed!

I did start listening to a new podcast yesterday called “The Biddy Tarot Podcast: Tarot, Intuition, Divination”.  It’s from Brigit, an Australian woman who runs I absolutely adore her approach to Tarot and so far her podcast is just about explaining her laid back approach to the practice and interviewing professionals. What amazes me most about Biddy is that she quit her six figure banking job to run her website full time, where she now also makes six figures! She doesn’t pretend to be a psychic or other weird bullshit. (Though I do believe in psychics, but that’s a topic for another day =P)

Biddy views Tarot as a way of meditating and using cards to reflect on our lives and what is causing you stress/anxiety and how to make your life feel more at peace. I’ve been using Tarot cards since grade school and I 100% believe in the clarity they can bring you. In fact, Biddy has inspired me so much that I signed up for an 8 week online course called “The Alternative Tarot Reader”! It’s from the wonderful Beth Maiden of Little Red Tarot and as per suggested by the course, you can either complete the exercises in journal form or blogging!

After much back and forth debating the topic, and consulting the incredible Mara, I’ve decided to do the entire course on my blog *shock emoji*. I’m hesitant to talk about such a controversial topic so heavily on my blog. Some people may think it’s hogwash, that it’s evil or against their religion, or just plain boring. But hopefully by completing the course online I might be bringing all of you information on a topic you didn’t know much about! I hope you guys stick with me on this in the upcoming 8 weeks. =^.^

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