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Above & Beyond For A Letter

Today has been been a day and it’s only 1pm. A good day though! A little whirlwind of rushing around with the intention of accomplishing something good for once.

This morning I was on a quest to put the finishing touches on an important letter together to then be mailed out to Hawaii in order to be delivered by Thursday. A few weeks ago I started an account on Fiverr, where on which I’m offering to type up a letter for you.

Here is a love letter from Humphrey Bogart

The way it works is that someone emails me a letter they’ve written – to a lover, a friend, a parent, a teacher – and then I type it up on my vintage Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter from the 1960s. I use lightweight parchment paper with a logo of the printing company as well as air mail vintage style envelopes accompanied with either old school themed stamps or unique ones that fit the specific customer. I also top it off with a wax seal!

The rose wax seal can be done in a multitude of colors

Any friends that have received correspondence from me would know the great lengths I put into my letter writing. It made sense to start offering this service online. There might be people out there that would want to send their loved one a letter such as this but don’t have the tools nor the time to do so.

So far I’ve had a handful of clients, but my latest one was by far my favorite. It was my highest paying job because the letter was six pages long, but more important was the content of the letter. This client took a couple of weeks to finish his letter, sending me pages here and there. Last night he send me last pieces and I stayed up until midnight typing it up to perfection.

I didn’t take into consideration however, that his long letter wouldn’t fit into the small airmail envelopes I have at home. So this morning I called every stationary store, Target, Staples, you name it – looking for a larger version of the envelopes I use but nobody had them in stock. Luckily an arts & crafts store about 40 minutes south of where I live had something similar. Armed with a list of post offices on the way, I jumped into my yellow Mini Cooper and took off.

In the end I made it to the craft store, brought my typewriter with me in my car, finished up the letter in the parking lot of the post office down there, and paid to have it 2 day shipped to Hawaii.

It was worth every moment of my time. Letters are things people keep for their whole lives: tucked away in nightstands or shoeboxes, saved to look at in the middle of moving or later on in life. All the little embellishments and extra care put into each letter I send out, for a friend or client, deserves the upmost affection.

If you’re interested in having a letter of yours done up in the same way, please don’t hesitate to email me at or place an order on my Fiverr page. (Directly would be better though, because then a 20% fee won’t be taken out 😅)


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