Pietro Filipponi: 2 Years Later

It’s been 2 years since I published my first piece on the rapist, thief, sociopath Pietro Filipponi known as @Poni_Boy across the internet. You can read the post here

That post was a catalyst for many victims and former acquaintances of his to reach out to me and share their story. Looking back on it, I have never regretted posting it but I do wish that I had written it with a more technical point of view instead of an emotional one. The cathartic release was what I needed at the time but most of the details are vague and I wish I had elaborated on some of the points.

I’m returning to this topic because I receive a large amount of messages from young women, reaching out to me still to this day, thanking me for warning them against going out with him. Filipponi preys upon these women in New York City via Tinder & Instagram, as his Twitter account has gone radio silent since the day I published that first post. 

With therapy, communicating with other people he has hurt, and time I have learned to forgive myself for letting this monster haunt me. My main change to the narrative is that I never considered myself as his girlfriend, it was a title he forced upon me. The truth is that he was my boss and if I wanted to keep my job as a journalist, I had to put up the facade of a relationship and sleep with him. 

I once referred to him as my ex boyfriend in therapy and it was the first time I saw my therapist upset. “That man does not deserve that title,” my therapist said. “Did he care for you? Did he treat you with respect? Would you have stayed in this situation if your job wasn’t on the line?”

The answer is no.

Filipponi found me on Twitter after I filmed the two reality shows and after I had already worked at Midtown Comics in Times Square for over a year. He saw an outgoing, cute, newly 21 year old girl with a following on the Internet and wanted to use that to his advantage. He was an amateur journalist living in Virginia that desperately wanted to be famous.

Filipponi claimed to be divorced from his wife, that he served two tours in Iraq, and was wounded while in service. He only served one tour and was not wounded. He was not part of the Air Force as he claimed, nor worked in the Pentagon afterwards. He was also not divorced until 3 years into my knowing him.

 In the first few months of our interaction, when he would sense that I was trying to break ties with him, he would suddenly say that he was going to be deployed the following week on a suicide mission. Being 21 and empathetic, I stuck around because I felt that veterans of this country were treated poorly and he deserved compassion. This man, as a sociopath, does not comprehend the meaning of compassion. He was only capable of telling manipulative lies to coerce me to stay. 

I have heard horror stories from the women he dated after me. He told C, a beautiful & strong woman whom he dated immediately after me, that I was just a crazy ex of his and to ignore my stories of him that I tweeted online. He abused her, gaslight her, made her life hell. He cheated on this woman with another incredible woman, L, whom I also befriended. From her, he stole $40,000. The list goes on and on. Several young women messaged me saying that they were currently dating him at the same time of my post. He has been cheating & abusing women and new victims for the last 10+ years and shows no sign of remorse.

One young woman I spoke with secretly videotaped him at a bar in lower Manhattan and sent it to me. She had met Filipponi him via Tinder some months prior. In the video he claimed that his father was a famous Ad Man in the 60s (a la Mad Men) and did the paintings on the wall of the bar. (Not true.) He apologized for ghosting on her months prior but did so because he “was intimidated by how mature and beautiful she was.” That she had her shit together and he didn’t, so he was afraid that he wasn’t good enough for her. (A classic sociopathic technique to lure victims in.) He also claimed that his father had suddenly died back in the fall when they had just met. (Also not true, his father did not die for over 6 months later the following April). 

In this 4 minute long video you also see Filipponi interrupting this young woman with whom he is on a date with (she in her early 20s and he was then 35) to flirt with other women at the bar. He tells the other women that this pool table he’s playing on once belonged to Hugh Hefner and came from the Playboy Mansion. (What the fuck?) It’s a clear tactic on his end to seem vulnerable to his date while also making her feel insecure by flirting with other women in front of her. Needless to say, she never went out with him again.

Since I left him in 2014, Filipponi’s pop culture website has been deleted. When I worked with him, the only reason he and I were able to get the high profile interviews we did is because he changed the name of his site from “The Daily Blam!” to the vague “Gotham News” so that PR companies would often confuse us with a real, print magazine. He would often steal photos from other Instagram accounts or just straight up Google to post on social pretending that he was on some luxurious PR trip, when really he just sat on the couch in his pajamas, never being productive. At that point, I avoided all confrontation with him, knowing he would manipulate the conversation to turn the blame on me. The blame for everything wrong in his life was always me: a 23 year old. 

In the last several years Filipponi has worked at a series of bars in lower Manhattan. These jobs have all been under the table because he does not have a valid driver’s license and if he tries to leave the country he will be arrested for not paying over $100,000 in child support. Workers at these bars in New York have shared their experiences with me, including a post to a Facebook community page for NYC bartenders issuing a warning about him:

Pietro Filipponi is a pathological liar who used to claim he was a journalist to get free admission into brand events and press events that had free alcohol. He is on a few black lists from event organizers and PR companies including MBooth for his fake credentials and his tendency to run up a crazy tab at these events mainly to give shots to women he is trying to get blackout drunk and assault. He then parlayed his loose connections to our industry into working at Ethyl’s then Sanatorium and Mr. Jones even though he had no previous history of hospitality or bartending employment. He lies constantly about his employment history, background, connections, and even claimed to be an owner of several bars amongst even wilder claims. He basically lied his way into this industry as a way to befriend bartenders, get invited to events with access to free drinks and drunk women. He owes money to several industry people who he befriended and gained their trust before they caught on. And his history of repeated sexual assault or attempted sexual assault has been confirmed to me by both industry and non-industry women. I’ve known him for almost 3 years now since he was a regular at Seamstress and I know basically nothing about him other than not to trust anything he says or let him alone around women.


Now why rehash this 2 years later? 

If you have been stolen from, abused, or manipulated by Pietro Filipponi it is not your fault. 

If you are considering to start a relationship with him be it casual, professional, or romantic – think it through before engaging with him further. 


    The more messages I continue to receive, the more I have felt like an update to my story is necessary. If a young woman he meets online Googles him and finds my original post, she might chalk it up to just sordid past events. This is to remind everyone of his continued psychotic nature that cannot be changed. He has raped, stolen, bamboozled, attacked, and manipulated people everywhere he goes. One day he will receive what he deserves, but in the mean time – stay far away.

– Zoë Gulliksen


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  1. Fuck that guy, with his smug little smile. No decent man should wear his blazer sleeves pushed up, and if it was actually for work they should be past the elbow anyway.

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    Hey! i came across this website via a reddit post and i just want to say youre very strong and fuck people like him

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