Introducing Bookishbelle, LLC

We’ve made it to 2022!

After 13 years of adventuring around the Internet under my moniker, Bookishbelle, I figured it was finally time to make it official. Now operating as an LLC, I can offer my Social Media Development Consultations as well as lay the foundation for my career.

What is my career these days?

That would be a fair question to asks since in the last 10 years I have worked as a bookseller, a movie journalist, animal hospital receptionists, bar manager, medspa office managers, and so much more. However, I am lucky to be finally doing my dream job: being a novelist and working with writing nonprofits.

Wait, what the hell does that mean?

1.) I am currently in the (grueling, masochistic) revision stage of my gaslamp historical fantasy novel. I’ve had incredible feedback from my fellow writers and I’m excited to send it out to agents in Q1 of 2022. I am a writer. I have always been a writer but now I am several steps closer to being a writer that can find her published books in stores across the country.

2.) I am the Creative Marketing Manager for Project Write Now, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization transforming individuals, organizations, and communities through writing. You might have come across my work for them already with the 1st season of their podcast, PWN’s Debut Review.


3.) I am also now a founding member and Assistant Director for Book Inc.! After coming together in 2020 for the first Novel Incubator Program at Project Write Now, myself and 7 other writers decided to form Book Inc. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, it is a community of writers devoted to helping each other realize the artistic and commercial potential of our work. Our credo is simple: a community of writers is better than one. We believe that encouraging each other to cultivate our strengths as artists will lift all of us up, making us better people and writers, while helping us realize our art. And doing so we will have a positive impact on the world.

You can see my contributions to Book Inc on our social media pages: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In 2022 you can look forward to a newsletter, a literary journal, and much more from me and my incredible fellow writers.

I am SO excited for all the things 2022 will bring including wedding planning, querying my novel, and the adventures I take Steve and Bug on. Thank you for sticking with me for the last 13 years and for everything to come.

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  1. Jessy says:

    So proud of you!

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