Adventures of the Charmingly Odd

“Trust the Process”

Doing the daily grind, nothing too exciting (just yet) but here are a few random things: Life Last week I was run over the sick bus. I haven’t gotten bronchitis… Read the Rest »

Olivia Told Me to Write

(This piece contains graphic descriptions and topics. Readers be advised.) Olivia told me to write. She is fierce and strong and young. I would not have been as strong as… Read the Rest »

Goals for 2018

The first week of 2018 is coming to a close and everyone is still thinking about their new year’s resolutions – if you are guilty for not keeping them or… Read the Rest »

Blog Overhaul

Hello everyone! In the last couple of months things have crazy on my end, and as a result my blog was entirely forgotten. As a result I did not do… Read the Rest »