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Spell Vials

For years I have been creating spell vials for myself and then as gifts for friends going through tough times. I never thought to start selling them until now! I have ones by every doorway into my house, in each of our cars (in Steve’s motorcycle), and for random what its and what nots. 

Each cork is sealed with water enhanced by a full moon.

$20 each (which including s&h in the US).

Made with natural elements including herbs I grew myself or flowers & lavender I dried for over a year.

Email me if interested at

Self Love Spell
Contains sea salt (for protection against negative thoughts), calming dried lavender, and pink heather flowers – which are a symbol of femininity, love, & passion.

Protection Spell
Contains salt (wards against evil spirits), dill weed, rosemary, sage, an acorn as a talisman, & purple agate crystals – which enhances energy focused on security and safety.

Prosperity Spell
Contains salt (my favorite for keeping bad juju away), nutmeg, earl grey tea leaves, sage, bay leaves, & pink agate crystals – which are used for enhancing mental function, improving concentration, & analytical abilities. Plus a shinny penny glued to the bottle of the vial!

I also take personal requests such as Healing, Good Luck, Car/Motorcycle Protection, Pregnancy Protection, and more.



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