I first offered advice to my fellow Book Inc writers in 2020, with the goal of showing them that a major part of being a writer in the modern day is to be on social media. Authors are consistently asked if they have experience engaging with readers and promoting their work on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. More often than not, people are either scared to dive into the murky waters of social media or don’t know how to turn their feed into a tool to help their careers.

In 2021 I was asked to teach classes at Project Write Now to their instructors and students on how to navigate creating an author platform, from a newbie in their 70s to an experienced poster in their 20s.

Now in 2022 I have branched out and created Bookishbelle, LLC with the intention to offer my services to everyone!


Author Platform Development Package

Price: $300


  • 1 Hour Consultation

    • We will meet over Zoom, discuss your goals (anywhere from creating social media accounts and how to navigate them to wanting to a cohesive personal brand), and how we can make these ideas a reality.

  • How To Guide emailed to you

    • After our meeting you will receive a PDF within 24 hours that details a step by step guide on how to achieve the goals we discussed

  • 1 Hour Follow Up

    • We will again meet over Zoom to go over your experiences, answer any questions, and create a plan going forward.


Price: $50 each

  • How to create images to enhance your brand using

  • How to create a blog template for an existing personal website

  • How to create a newsletter


Email to book your consultation.